Getting from Donsol to Malapascua Island by ferry

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Since it’s quite hard to get clear and reliable information about ferry timetables and travel routes in the Philippines on the internet, we will describe our journey from Donsol to Malapascua Island, Cebu. In the Gallery you will also find the timetable of the fastrack ferry from Pilar to Masbate.


    Tricycle to Pilar Port

    Starting from Donsol we took a Tricycle to Pilar Port, which takes about 30min. To catch the early ferry at 5:30am we left Donsol at 4:30am. The fare was around 300 PHP.

    Ferry to Masbate

    From Pilar Port the Masbate City harbor can be reached in 2h when traveling with the Montenegro Fastcraft Ferry. This costs 396 PHP (+15 PHP harbor fee) per person. Be sure to carry your luggage at your own, because our porter asked for a ridiculous tip! We were told that we have to take one, this is not true!

    Here you’ll find the timetable:


    Masbate City to Cataingan

    You can reach the Masbate City Bus Terminal using a Tricycle which should cost 50 PHP max (2 Pax, 2 Bags).
    From there you can take a Minivan to Cataingan Port which takes another 2h and costs 150 PHP per Person.

    Ferry to Bogo City

    The Montenegro Ferry to Bogo City is equipped with comfortable bunk beds for the passengers, which we warmly welcomed after the already long journey. There is only one ferry daily leaving at 12:00 noon. So be sure to plan your trip properly and get there before 11:00am to choose a good bed on the open uppermost floor.

    Dorm in Ferry from Catainagn to Bogo City

    This 5h to 6h ride costs 450 PHP (+15 PHP harbor fee) per person.

    Bus to Maya Pier

    Since you arrive at around 6:00pm in Bogo City, it will be too late to catch a cheap boat at Maya Pier. The last one leaves at 4:00pm. Or you could try to charter a private one for around 2500 PHP. So probably you have/want to stay one night either in Bogo City or Maya.
    In Bogo City take a tricycle to the bus terminal (we paid 50 PHP) and wait for the bus to Maya. This takes about 1h an should costs another 50 PHP.

    Boat to Malapascua Island

    Now you are almost there! Purchase a ticket at the ticket counter for not more then 100 PHP per Person. Board the boat and enjoy the 30min ride.

    Boat from Maya Pier to Malapascua

    Enjoy – you made it to Malapascua Island!

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